Andiamo 2005 Breeding Information

Please contact us to discuss the details of our breeding policy. We will provide you with our Stallion Contract based on the type of semen requested. Semen is collected Monday-Friday, and requests for collection must be made by 8 am PST the day prior to collection. Emergency or weekend collections may be possible. Please contact us when your mare's heat cycle begins. Semen is available for shipment either live cooled or frozen, when you call be sure to ask us for collection and / or shipment details.

Andiamo Chosen

Andiamo has been chosen as a select stallion to contribute his classical baroque genetics to help in the preservation efforts in saving a native California breed of horse. Andiamo will be bred to two Santa Cruz Island mares.

These horses are considered to be a Spanish Colonial endangered breed of horse that was removed from the Channel Islands off the coast of California. This breed is known as the Santa Cruz Island horse.

Andiamo was chosen, per the consultant, for the breed's preservation, for "his superior conformation, movement, and docile personality that are all key characteristics of the Lusitano breed."


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